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The Environment Agency states that the management of drainage systems should be one of the top ten environmental priorities for all sites. Their guidance (see PPG1), together with EPR permits and Environmental Management Systems all require that drains are clearly marked or labelled. However keeping assets marked clearly can be problematic. For example, the use of spray paint is far from appropriate at many sites as it wears off rapidly and leads to pollution of the very surface water drains that need protecting.

Our drain markers are a cost effective and time-saving way to permanently identify drainage systems and will help to ensure that polluting substances are directed to the appropriate drain. Drain marking – or drain labelling – will help to remind your staff of their responsibilities and by preventing pollution of surface water sewers could save your company thousands of pounds in clean-up costs and fines.

A range of highly visible stock drain markers (1.5 or 2.5 inch diameter) are available for industrial uses. The markers follow the colour coding for drain covers recommended by the UK Environment Agencies (EA, SEPA, NRW, NIEA) and will be recognised by drainage professionals and emergency services.

They are supplied with a clear dome finish which provides excellent protection against chemical and mechanical abrasion as well as U.V. resistance.

The larger 2.5″ diameter markers are ideal for applying to the faces of kerbs when marking gully pots. Alternatively they can be applied to walls or other flat surfaces when marking manhole lids or other services and utilities.

1.5″ diameter markers are designed to be applied to manhole lids – where they can be placed within the raised structure – and other locations where the larger markers are impracticable.

We have supplied our marking system to companies in a wide range of sectors including power generation and distribution, engineering, transportation, food and drink manufacturing and pharmaceuticals as well as to the public sector.

The following marker designs are available from stock as 1.5″ and 2.5″ markers;


Surface Water Systems – Blue

  • Surface Water
  • Oil Separator
  • Penstock
  • Sample Point
  • Borehole
  • Valve
  • “Only Rain Down the Drain” (2.5 inch only)

Foul Sewers – Red

  • Foul Sewer
  • Combined Sewer
  • Cess Pit
  • Septic Tank
  • Penstock
  • Sample Point

Trade Effluents – Yellow (& Green 2.5 inch)

  • Trade Effluent
  • Cooling Water
  • Sample Point
  • Penstock

You could also consider using our stock Yellow Fish markers – 3 1/4″ high x 5 1/4″ long – as part of the international Yellow Fish campaign – see the Oil Care CodeEnvironment Agency and Keep Wales Tidy web pages.

Yellow Fish Marker

All stock markers are available in any combination to make up a number of packs, allowing you to buy the appropriate type and number of markers for your site.

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