Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why should I use Drain Markers?

A: Durability, appearance, convenience, safety. The benefits of permanent marking with our drain markers are numerous: 1. It makes re-marking unnecessary for years. Many companies locate and re-mark facilities annually with spray paint. Drain markers will bring about significant savings in labour costs alone. 2. It presents a uniform and professional appearance (unlike spray paint). 3. It aids in rapid location for routine maintenance, construction, and emergency access.

Q: Why are these markers so special?

A: Over 20 years of field testing and customer use. With test information gathered over the years, laboratory test data and the experience of having over ten million of our markers in service throughout the UK, US and six other countries, our marking system is the most thoroughly tested available. We gladly offer references so that you can talk to our satisfied customers. Our markers are less expensive than brass or ceramic or thermal plastic, won’t crack and crumble (ceramic), won’t bend exposing sharp edges (aluminium), won’t tarnish (brass), and have no scrap value (brass & aluminium). They have brilliant graphics tested for UV resistance and are available in non-reflective or reflective in just about any size, shape, or colour imaginable. 

Q: So how do I use the Markers?

A: There are a variety of applications. Our markers can be applied to virtually any flat, dry non-soil surface using the adhesive supplied. It can be affixed permanently to kerbs (face or top), road shoulders, pavements, manhole/valve covers, concrete, metal or wooden poles, inside manholes etc.

Q: How long will they last?

A: There is no simple answer. Customers have been using our markers on distribution depots in Scotland, landfills in Cumbria, and roadways in Devon. Because of the wide variety of applications and weather conditions, there is no simple answer. UV degradation and abrasion are the key factors that determines longevity. Vehicular/pedestrian traffic, street sweepers, salt, chemical exposure and a variety of environmental elements can have an effect. However our markers offer high levels of both UV protection and abrasion resistance. We have independent test data available for your review.

Q: How well do they stick?

A: They require a hammer and chisel for removal. When fully cured the adhesive supplied forms a permanent bond between the marker and application surface. We have test samples in place with no loss of adhesion after more than 15 years. We also have test samples on roadways, purposely placed in the tyre path, that are still in place after more than 8 years. Our adhesives have been tested and used under a wide variety of conditions since 1983 and offer the perfect combination of long term durability and ease of use.

Q: What about street sweepers, snow ploughs and vandalism?

A: Our customers experience little loss from these hazards. Our tests and testimonials from our customers indicate little to no damage from street sweepers. A snow plough would be capable of scraping off a marker but they have been used extensively in snowbelt areas and customers report very little to no actual loss. A determined vandal can remove a marker. However in over 20 years, there have been very few reports of actual occurrences exceeding 1-2% of markers applied. The benefits of permanent marking with the drain markers far outweigh the risk of occasional loss or damage to the marker due to any of the above factors.

Q: What are your terms and conditions for sales?

A: Please see our terms and conditions page.